Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

We provide our customers with technical support over the telephone during the installation and maintenance phases: anywhere in the world, in real time, on an extended timetable, with a skilled and highly qualified team of engineers, both electrical and mechanical. Our commitment to our customers is to make their work as easy as possible.

It is the results that count

Our sole aim is to help our clients. We have a record of traceability over our many years of service which simply confirms our high degree of effectiveness in dealing with customers’ queries and successfully resolving all manner of technical queries and requests for assistance, with the result that every IMEM lift, wherever in the world it is installed, operates exactly as expected from a product manufactured to the very highest quality standards.

Personal service, one to one

Our customer support is always provided by professionals on a personal and one-to-one basis: we never use switchboards or pre-recorded messages. Direct support with no intermediaries.

Spare parts

As manufacturers, we keep a permanent stock of spare parts for all our lifts, ready to be sent to anywhere in the world. Thanks to our product management tools, we have traceability of every single lift system that we manufacture throughout their productive life and can immediately identify the replacement parts required by each customer.

Our packing list policy

Each lift system is sent out with its own highly-detailed packing list, designed to facilitate the installation process. Assembly manuals and explanatory photographs are included to help speed up installation.

Specific electrical documentation

The electrical layout documentation which we supply is 100% specific to the lift system delivered: we never issue generic documentation.


We provide our clients with courses and training initiatives tailored to their precise needs. We have videos of the installation process for our best-selling products.

Continuous improvement

In response to FAQs by our customers, we systematically improve our technical support service, fine-tune and refine our installation procedures and update the installation manuals corresponding to each of our products.

Contact details

Mechanical assistance

Technician Javier Álvaro (EN/ES) · Tel. (+34) 942 354 820 ·

Technician Marcos Estébanez (EN/ES/FR) · Tel. (+34) 942 354 820 ·

Electrical assistance

Technician Fernando Peña (EN/ES/FR) · Tel. (+34) 942 354 819 ·

Technician Vicente Durán (EN/ES/FR) · Tel. (+34) 942 354 819 ·