Solutions in existing buildings

Solutions in existing buildings

Self-supporting structures

Projects in existing buildings usually require the use of separate structures, which can be self-supporting or supported by the building itself. These structures can also be installed in new-builds, and either indoors or outdoors as desired.

  • Custom design: every one of our structures is made to measure to suit the dimensions of the lift. In each case, our engineers carry out a study of where the structure will be installed, the number of floors, the environmental conditions and other requirements so that we can provide a totally customised solution.
  • Fast and safe assembly: our elevator structures have a modular design and are supplied with highly detailed manuals and diagrams that facilitate their installation and allow our customers to save time and money in the elevator assembly process.
  • Self-supporting options available.
  • Installation of a structure in an existing building when the building is not strong enough to support lift system loads and fixings.
  • Solutions available for buildings built in timber.
  • Wide range of colours, as well as a choice of options in cladding or glass.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Installation service available.
  • Load-bearing beams available on request.
  • Require a minimum of contruction work.
  • Loads are transmitted straight down to the shaft pit.
  • Range of profiles available.
  • Extensive selection of accessories available.
  • No welding required.
  • 3D design.

Quality and strength

We can supply the entire structure or we can adapt our lift to an existing structure. Our modular structures can be fitted with a wide range of finishes and can be clad with metal sheeting or laminated glass panels.

Our structures comply with current standards and regulations.

They are certified for their capacity to resist the variable loads exerted by the lift car and the structure itself. The resistance capacity of the cladding panels is certified as in accordance with the European standard EN 81-20.