RHINOlift®: goods only lift

RHINOlift®: goods only lift

RHINOlift®: A breakthrough in goods lift design

RHINOlift® is a product exclusively available on the market through Global Lift Equipment, an IMEM Group company. The RHINOlift® is a freestanding goods lift, specially designed for goods-only commercial and industrial use, and offers innovative and ground-breaking advantages over traditional goods lifts:

  • The RHINOlift® has a freestanding modular structure whose installation requires no major construction work. A self-reliant and independent solution.
  • The RHINOlift® requires no machine room, no pit and no major building work.
  • The RHINOlift® occupies the minimum possible available space.
  • The RHINOlift® is quick and easy to install.
  • The RHINOlift® consumes significantly less energy than standard platforms.

RHINOlift® complies with the current EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and with 2006/42/EC (applicable from December 2009). The RHINOlift® represents a major step forward from conventional platforms. It is very sturdy, very reliable and very long-lasting, and guarantees the safe and precise delivery of your goods to their desired destination. For more information of goods elevators, please download our brochure or simply get in touch with us. We are always delighted to help.