A supremely flexible solution
for your home or business

A supremely flexible solution
for your home or business

IMPROlift Plus®

IMPROlift Plus® is a stylish lift system, specially designed for smooth passenger transport in residential and commercial premises even where the space available for lift installation is limited and at a premium. IMPROlift Plus® can be installed both indoors or outdoors. IMPROlift Plus® is a product exclusively available on the market through Global Lift Equipment, an IMEM Group company.

  • IMPROlift Plus® requires less power than a conventional home lift.
  • The system’s advanced energy efficiency helps to keep your bills down.
  • It operates on 220 volts, just as household appliances do.
  • It runs off the standard domestic single-phase alternating current.
  • IMPROlift Plus® is a wonderfully quiet lift which does not acoustically contaminate your home or business.
  • The system’s energy efficiency is officially graded as Class A, the highest rating available in this field.

IMPROlift Plus® can be installed

  • Within a masonry-built lift shaft inside or outside the building.
  • Within its own self-supporting modular structure, an effective and adaptable solution which eliminates the need to build a one-off lift shaft to suit the particular building in question. This avoids the inconvenience of large-scale building works on-site and is a major money-saver. It can also be installed either inside or outside the premises.

All the safety and reliability that you could possibly expect

IMPROlift Plus® is supplied with all the required safety features and specifications and is fully compliant with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.