Why settle for just modernisation when your lift can be brought fully up to date?

Why settle for just modernisation when your lift can be brought fully up to date?

Revolution Up

Revolution Up is a technology package that dramatically upgrades existing machine-room lifts and transforms them.

Smart. Equipped with software and hardware that allow the lift system to develop its automatic machine-learning capacity and constantly update itself.

Digitised and connected. Improves passenger experience by showing them the information that matters in real time, and significantly improves preventive maintenance, anticipating and preventing possible incidents.

Faster. Its Varispeed technology smart-manages lift velocity, allowing speeds of up to 1.2 m/s to reduce waiting and travel times and optimise passenger traffic flow.

Energy-efficient. Its gearless motor, its stand-by mode that shuts down the entire system when it is not in use, and its smart traffic management combine to reduce the lift’s electricity consumption.

More accurate. It delivers precision car-floor- to-landing levelling at every stop, putting an end to the awkward and dangerous misalignments typical of old lifts.

Safer. State-of-the-art electronic safety devices guarantee your peace of mind.

More comfortable. The annoying noises and vibrations of the old lift are replaced by the smooth and silent motion of the new.

Longer-lasting. This durable and reliable solution gives your existing lift a whole new lease of life.

Installation: safe, fast and easy

REVOLUTION UP is a solution produced by lift professionals for lift professionals, and designed down to the last detail to minimise the costs and duration of installation and avoid unnecessary work on-site.

Smart preventive maintenance

REVOLUTION UP due to its intelligence and connectivity eases the preventive maintenance of the lift by anticipating possible failures before they happen.