Drum drive lifts

Drum drive lifts

Drum drive lifts

An excellent option when installing lifts in an existing building is a lift with a drum drive system. This type of lift is ideal where the size of the shaft is limited, a common problem in conversion projects and jobs involving listed buildings.

Drum drive lifts do not require a counterweight, thereby freeing up available shaft space and allowing larger lift cars to be installed in even the smallest of shafts.

Our extensive experience in designing lifts for existing buildings with limited space has led us to develop the following range of solutions with drum drive motors:

  • Rated load capacity: from 180 to 480Kg.
  • Entrance configurations: single, double at 90º or 180º, or triple.
  • Standard pit and headroom dimensions: 1050mm and 3800mm, respectively. In accordance with the EN 81-21 standard, we can achieve a reduced pit depth of 350mm and a reduced overhead clearance of 2900mm.
  • Maximum travel distance: 30 metres (98.425 feet).
  • Complete compatibility with our entire standard range of lift car models, as well as with any of our panoramic or custom-built models.
  • Available with manual doors (minimum width: 500mm) or with automatic doors (minimum width: 600mm).

With our extensive engineering know-how, we assist our customers in working out the best solution for each project, with the aim of providing them with the largest lift car possible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: we will be happy to help.