Public transport

Public transport

Lifts for train and metro stations

The high levels of passenger traffic handled by intercity public transport networks – both on the surface and underground – demand high-specification lifts capable of efficiently managing large flows of passenger traffic.

Hundreds of successfully completed projects have established us as a pioneer in the development of lift systems specifically tailored to deliver effective solutions in the vertical transport of passenger and goods on some of the busiest public transport networks in the world. We design and manufacture lifts with innovative high-tech components that efficiently manage the ever-growing flow of passengers in today’s major urban areas.

  • Our study and knowledge of traffic patterns and algorithms allow us to develop solutions that are perfectly integrated into the transport chain.
  • We advise our clients and their consultants on the number of lifts, their load capacity, travel speed and specifications to suit the precise needs of each particular project.
  • We design and manufacture customised lifts and turnkey solutions.
  • Among our most popular products are high-traffic lifts with vandal-resistant cars and doors (Categories 1 and 2).
  • We develop solutions for the monitoring and remote control of lifts, passenger destination control, ease of evacuation, access authorisation, and more.
  • We understand and comply with the specific standards and regulations that govern each particular transport network.
  • We develop and supply customised documentation and maintenance plans.

The design, manufacture & installation of lifts in the Lamarck-Caulaincourt métro station in Paris

The Lamarck-Caulaincourt métro station first opened in 1912 and takes its name from the two main roads that cross near its entrance in the Rue Pierre-Dac, a doorway that sits in between two staircases that lead up to Montmartre.

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