The home solution

The home solution


Residlift is a hydraulic lift specially designed for passenger transport in family homes, which usually have very limited space available for lift installation. Its competitive sizing and significant advantages over the competition make ResidLift the stand-out solution for family homes.

Easy installation

Residlift offers freedom of movement within the home to those for whom stairs represent an insurmountable obstacle, and actively improves their quality of life.

No major building work. No pit

Installing a Residlift involves no complicated building work thanks to the robust freestanding structure which forms the lift shaft and which only requires the space which it itself takes up. All this not only gets rid of the major nuisance involved in having building work carried out inside your own home, but also represents major financial savings. If required, Residlift can also be installed within a masonrybuilt shaft.

The safety and reliability you expect

The safety features supplied as standard with the Residlift are carefully designed to make it safe and reliable. Passenger safety is ensured by a 2D optically-activated lift car stop mechanism which brings the lift car to a smooth stop on detection of the slightest movement within that area. We also offer lift users optional extras to increase security according to their particular needs. Keyed switches can be fitted in order to prevent use by unauthorized personnel. A safety device is available, in case of power cuts, which automatically returns the car to the ground floor to allow the safe exit of lift passengers. Residlift is compliant with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and offers three-year warranty.