Lift Doors


We supply a full range of lift doors, fit for purpose for each particular project.

  • Automatic side and centre-opening lift car doors. Suitable for the great majority of projects, such as residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings and so on, and available in a wide range of heights and widths, with a generous choice of finishes, including epoxy paint and stainless steel in a variety of textures, or glazed. We can also offer a full range of lift door operators.
  • Semi-automatic hinged landing doors. Particularly well-suited to lift replacement jobs or existing shafts where space is restricted. Available in a huge range of sizes and finishes.
  • Automatic folding car doors (bus type). Perfect for lift cars of limited size in pre-existing lift shafts.
  • Manual concertina shutters & picket gates (concertina lift doors). These are the sturdy and hardwearing doors which we fit to our heavy goods passenger lifts and to our goods lifts with or without a self-supporting structure.

Many models are available for immediate delivery with reduced lead times. We can offer a full range of spare parts available.