Lift doors

Lift doors

Looking for lift doors?

Choosing the type and model of lift car and landing doors is an important decision when planning the installation of a new or a replacement lift system.

When weighing up which particular model would best suit the job, four different factors should be taken into account:

  • The dimensions of the space available
  • Is it a new-build or a replacement lift?
  • Is it a new-build or a pre-existing lift shaft?
  • The intended use characteristics of the lift

Experience shows that many of the problems and interruptions in service that occur during the life of a lift system are either directly or indirectly related to the operation of the lift doors. Keeping these incidents to an absolute minimum generates major savings in after-sales service delivery and increases per-unit profits. Choosing an unsuitable door model simply creates unnecessary problems for the maintenance company and for the end user.

At IMEM Lifts we design and manufacture every single one of our lift systems, guaranteeing the provision of the appropriate doors, fit for purpose for each particular project. Furthermore, we manufacture our wide range of lift models so as to ensure their full compatibility with all existing types of car or landing door:

  • Automatic side and centre-opening lift car doors. Suitable for the great majority of projects, such as residential buildings, hospitals, office buildings and so on, and available in a wide range of heights and widths, with a generous choice of finishes, including epoxy paint and stainless steel in a variety of textures, or glazed.
  • Semi-automatic hinged landing doors. Particularly well-suited to lift replacement jobs or existing shafts where space is restricted.
  • Automatic folding car doors (bus type). Perfect for lift cars of limited size in pre-existing lift shafts.
  • Manual concertina shutters & picket gates. These are the sturdy and hardwearing doors which we fit to our heavy goods passenger lifts and to our goods lifts with or without a self-supporting structure.