Top-flight performance in healthcare centres

Hospitals and other healthcare centres are characterised by a high level of passenger and goods traffic and a specific set of vertical transport needs, including passenger lifts, stretcher lifts, bed lifts, lift-maintenance lifts, goods lifts, dumbwaiter lifts and service lifts.

We have ample experience in the design and manufacture of lifts for hospitals and health centres. Our hospital lifts can be electric (with or without a machine room) or hydraulic and are specifically designed to provide safe, fast and comfortable transport for patients, staff and medical equipment.

  • Lifts are available in a wide range of car sizes and door widths to suit varied shaft dimensions for the transport of beds, stretchers and carers.
  • Excellent ride comfort and car stopping accuracy for the safe and easy transport of patients.
  • Guaranteed availability of accessories, signals and indicators, reinforcements and finishes designed for a medical setting to ensure the best possible conditions for patient transport.
  • Solutions that include upgrades in monitoring and remote control of lifts, ease of evacuation, passenger destination control and access authorisation.
  • Option of adaptation to the EN 81-76 standard governing evacuation in hospitals, ensuring that the lift system can safely evacuate persons with reduced mobility.
  • Option of adaptation to the EN81-70 standard on accessibility to lifts by persons, including persons with disabilities (Categories 1, 2 and 3).