Entrust your project to IMEM. We have designed and manufactured thousands of lifts with machine room of all sizes, travel, speeds, dimensions and applications.

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  • Standardised and specially designed lifts with machine room.
  • Wide range of loads and speeds.
  • Permanent-magnet gearless traction.

We have fifty years’ experience in designing and manufacturing all types of lifts with machine room for a wide variety of loads, travel and applications.

Electric lifts with machine room are specifically designed for use in very tall buildings. They are also often installed to replace old lifts in existing buildings that already have a machine room equipped for lifts.

IMEM Ascensores has been committed to research, development and innovation since 1968. One of the main reasons for the company being able to establish itself as one of Europe’s leading manufacturing companies is that it always opts for the most up-to-date technology available and constantly strives to perfect its entire product range. The result of this philosophy is a range of electric lifts with machine room that offers the following advantages:

  • Always supplied with state-of-the-art permanent-magnet gearless traction controlled by frequency variation. Gearless traction cuts down on the use of energy in comparison with old lifts with reducers, which helps to meet today’s global demand for sustainability in both new and existing buildings. Gearless traction also guarantees silent and vibration-free lift operation.  Gearless motors require no lubrication, which makes for a cleaner environment and practically unlimited durability with minimum maintenance.
  • We offer a wide range of standardised solutions and tailor-made or special solutions, with no restrictions.
  • Our electric lifts include as standard the DTF function that provides comfort during use equivalent to that provided by the current state-of-the-art gearless MRL lifts, maximum smoothness and levelling when stoppingreduced waiting times for users and passengers and major energy savings.
  • We can offer unlimited personalisation options for our lifts with regard to communicationsinformation screens, special functions according to the specific needs of each building, special finishes, etc.