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142 Person-capacity lift for landmark building in central london

It is a spectacular hydraulic lift system, which will be used to carry both goods and passengers, and is designed to carry loads of up to 10,500 Kg, or up to 142 passengers.

The Paris Underground

The RATP Group is the world’s fifth largest public transport company, operating all modes of collective mobility - bus, metro, trains and trams. In Île-de-France, it runs, maintains, modernises and develops one of the world’s densest multimodal public transport networks. Every day it carries over 10 million people. RATP and its subsidiaries export this expertise across all the continents. United by their spirit of public service, the Group’s 56,000 men and women share a common objective: to enable their passengers to travel as calmly, as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Made-to-measure luxury car lift in central London

One of our most important English clients came to us looking for a stylish high-tech solution for one of their projects which required IMEM Lifts to design and manufacture a large-capacity lift for the transport of top-of-the-range luxury cars inside an existing building in central London.


LIFTEX 2016: A great success

LIFTEX International 2016, the lift sector’s specialist trade exhibition for the UK, closed on 26th May following two days in which, as in previous editions, hundreds of visitors came to London to see the latest advances, trends and innovations that the leading manufacturers of complete lifts and components presented to the market.

IMEM Lifts will be exhibiting at LIFTEX 2016 Stand C26 and we would like to invite you to visit us!

IMEM Lifts will be exhibiting at LIFTEX 2016 Stand C26 and we would like to invite you to visit us! IMEM’s sales and marketing team will be happy to share with you our latest products and services. IMEM Lifts has almost 50 years’ professional experience as a lift designer and manufacturer, including over 20 years of service with the UK lift industry. Our clients and collaborators include lift companies both large and small, architects and consultants, with the straightforward aim of providing British lift professionals with vertical transport solutions of high added-value: lifts which are easy to install and maintain, reliable and long-lasting with competitive pricing and specification. Many happy clients together with  thousands of lifts installed in the UK are our best reference. Do you want to know more? Come and visit us May 25th and 26th at London Excel’s LIFTEX 2016 stand C26. We are waiting for you!! Event Floorplan Designer Document

Hello future!! EN81-20 and EN81-50 lifts available NOW

On 1 September 2017, the harmonised European standards EN 81-1 and EN 81-2, which since 1985 have set out the minimum specifications for the design and manufacture of electric and hydraulic lifts, will be definitively superseded by the new harmonised standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50, after a three-year transition period since their initial publication in August 2014. The updating of the standards covers not only substantial changes in lift systems' technical specifications, but a change in their whole format: EN 81-1 covered the construction of lifts and the testing of lift components in the design and manufacture of electric lifts and EN 81-2 did the same for hydraulic lifts. The new standards are arranged in an entirely different way: EN 81-20 covers the technical requirements for the construction of both electric and hydraulic lifts and EN 81-50 covers the design rules and testing of lift components for both types of lift. The technical requirements established by the new standards represent a significant improvement in safety for lift users and service personnel, as well as for all users of the buildings which house them. Some of the more notable changes include: LIFT SHAFT Newly defined strength and dimension requirements for doors and hatchway access into the shaft, for inspection and rescue access and for entry into the machine room, the strength of shaft walls, the pit floor and the partitions within shafts, the impact-resistance of any glass used, the durability of landing-door toe-boards and the specifications of counterweight screens and of the pit exit options when the car is immobilised. The installation of air-conditioning and sprinkler systems is covered, and new lighting specifications are introduced. PIT Specifications for pit access ladders, for stopping devices, for an inspection control station in the pit and for an alarm button in accordance with EN 81-28. REFUGE SPACES ON THE CAR ROOF & IN THE PIT New definition of minimum dimensions, placement and warning signs. CAR DOORS & LANDING DOORS Increases in strength requirements and changes in the emergency unlocking system and the position of the unlocking triangle. MACHINE & PULLEY ROOMS New lighting specifications. LIFT CAR Newly defined minimum strength of car walls, fire resistance of in-car materials, resistance of glass or mirrors used, specifications of car apron, of car roof, of car roof balustrade and toe-board, the upgrading of service and emergency lighting and the specification of information required to be listed on labels and notices. GUIDE RAILS New design criteria, new calculation methods and new machining standards. SAFETY GEAR New definition of roping requirements and the replacement of minimum rope diameter requirements. BUFFERS Fixings to the car and/or counterweight, and the disappearance of energy-accumulation type buffers with buffered return movement. ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS Updating of inspection control stations and definition of bridge connectors for maintenance. Please remember that from 1 September 2017 all lifts installed and put into service in the European Union must fully comply with the specifications set out in these two new standards. IMEM Lifts is delighted to announce that since 1 January 2016 our entire range of lifts is available to our customers in full compliance with the new harmonised standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50, should you wish to take early advantage of these improvements.. “The integration of the new standards into our lift designs is firmly in line with our unshakeable commitment to offering our customers the most innovative and up-to-date products on the market, compliant with the full range of present and even future standards and at the cutting edge of technological development”. Félix De las Heras. IMEM Lifts’ Quality Director.


A perfect fit for UK lift professionals

IMEM Lifts is one of Europe’s leading lift manufacturers with a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. We occupy a particularly competitive position in the lift market as we are one of the few fully independent lift companies on the entire continent able to design and build an almost limitless range of lifts and components – including lifts with or without a machine room in a wide range of sizes and configurations, hydraulic lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, lifts made to measure to satisfy a client’s special requirements – and more.

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