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Made-to-measure luxury car lift in central London

One of our most important English clients came to us looking for a stylish high-tech solution for one of their projects which required IMEM Lifts to design and manufacture a large-capacity lift for the transport of top-of-the-range luxury cars inside an existing building in central London.

High-capacity panoramic lifts getting the city on the move

The capital of Cantabria, Santander is a beautiful city on the north coast of Spain, one of whose most attractive features is its particularly hilly terrain. This creates a striking urban landscape but can sometimes make movement within the city much more difficult than it appears at first sight.

A glass lift – 6500kg, mrl gearless – which travels down into the sea itself

One of IMEM Lift's most recent and exciting challenges is the design of a series of highly specialised lifts which we will be manufacturing and installing in the latest avant-garde project by the internationally-renowned architect Renzo Piano: the arts centre commissioned by the Marcelino Botín Foundation in the city of Santander, in northern Spain.


Direct Approach System The smoothest finely-tuned ride

The Direct Approach System optimises travel comfort by selecting the acceleration and deceleration timings most appropriate to the lift car’s speed and location. Less waiting time for the passenger The Direct Approach System - for the first time included as standard across the entire Silens-Pro® range - allows the control unit to calculate the optimum lift travel speed curve according to the distance remaining to the selected destination. This eliminates the delays typical of previous systems as the lift car approaches landings, and represents a major step forward in passenger comfort and technological excellence. More straightforward for the lift professional The control unit can pinpoint the exact position of the lift car in real time, using a single encoder fitted to the drive system. Maximum simplicity delivering optimum performance. This straightforward solution eliminates the need for the secondary devices usually deployed, saving on installation and start-up times. The number of sensors and signal processors in the lift shaft is therefore lower than in conventional lift systems, further reducing installation time - and costs. The likelihood of failures caused by magnetic sensor deterioration and positioning change producing false readings is also significantly reduced. The start-up procedure is faster than for conventional lift systems without the Direct Approach System. Final lift car-levelling adjustments are simply carried out using the car display panel. Short travel distances between floors do not interfere with ride quality and efficiency.

EcoSaver© regenerative drive system: sustainable energy

Including an EcoSaver® regenerative drive system in your Silens-Pro® lift package transforms it into an active generator of electric power. With the EcoSaver System®, the motor itself becomes a power generator when the lift car is going up empty or with few passengers and when it is going down heavily loaded. EcoSaver® efficiently stores this energy, prevents its loss as heat and feeds it back into the building’s power supply network. Energy savings can rise to as much as 50% of the lift system’s total power consumption. EcoSaver© installation delivers: An ultracompact energy-management system which makes the lift highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly. A major improvement in the system’s power factor (the ratio between power consumed and power drawn from the electricity network) resulting in even greater cost savings. Clean energy, with under 5% harmonic distortion (as against the 35% current legal limit), and the elimination of interference with and malfunction of nearby electronic and radio equipment. Major savings in your building’s energy bills.

A perfect fit for lift professionals

IMEM LIFT SYSTEMS - A PERFECT FIT FOR LIFT PROFESSIONALS Our ample hands-on experience of lift design, manufacture, installation and maintenance means that we well understand the practical needs of lift professionals. Easy installation. Our lift systems are specifically designed to make the installation process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible. We know how important it is to keep installation costs down and so have minimised the labour-time required as much as practicable. We have reduced the weight of components without affecting their durability, so as to make them easier to transport and to handle during installation. We also offer assembly tools specifically for use with our products (check availability). Top quality products. Our lift systems have a well-deserved reputation for their reliability and durability, the result of a carefully supervised production process oriented towards creating lifts which are built to last. Simplification. All electrical components are tested and their connectors pre-assembled before leaving the plant, which saves our customers' time, eliminates faults and simplifies installation. Proven results. An IMEM lift is guaranteed reliable and long-lasting. Thousands of IMEM systems are still in perfect operation after more than 25 years in service. Spare parts available & rapidly delivered. When a customer needs any of our spare parts, we respond fast and efficiently. Quality beyond the lift system. The top quality of our lift systems extends to all the material and services provided. We supply highly-detailed technical drawings, documentation and manuals in English, carefully designed to make our clients' work more straightforward. Comprehensive technical support. Always think of the customer - that's our philosophy. Our advice and support is available to our clients well before any sale, should they so require. Our technical support is comprehensive: both electrical and mechanical. Our engineers are at our customers' disposal to guide them through the installation and maintenance procedures, from start to finish. Passengers Lifts Machine roomless lifts Hydraulic Lifts Lifts for existing and listed buildings Lift modernisation Inclined lifts Norms & Standards


A perfect fit for UK lift professionals

IMEM Lifts is one of Europe’s leading lift manufacturers with a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. We occupy a particularly competitive position in the lift market as we are one of the few fully independent lift companies on the entire continent able to design and build an almost limitless range of lifts and components – including lifts with or without a machine room in a wide range of sizes and configurations, hydraulic lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, lifts made to measure to satisfy a client’s special requirements – and more.

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