Machine roomless hydraulic lift. MRL hydraulic lifts

HydroAdvance©: machine roomless hydraulic lift.

HydroAdvance is a state-of-the-art MRL hydraulic lift offering these stand-out benefits:

• Highly compact, making more space available for productive use.

• Maximum simplicity.

• Safe & easy-access maintenance.

• More energy-efficient than conventional hydraulic lifts.

A highly competitive lift system specially designed for low-rise buildings and for conversions in existing buildings.

Two outstanding options.

The HydroAdvance© MRL Hydraulic lift is both flexible and versatile. It is available in two distinct configurations to best suit the particular project whether new-build or conversion.

• The control cabinet can be sited at anything up to 5 metres from the hydraulic drive unit.

• The cabinet can be sited on the lift shaft exterior and built into the wall adjacent to the landing door so that maintenance work can be carried out from the landing.

• The cabinet can be sited inside the shaft in this configuration a small additional cabinet is located at the bottom floor landing for use should manual passenger release be required.


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