Drum drive lifts

Among the lift solutions which we often provide, for sites where there is a pre-existing lift shaft, are lifts with a drum drive system. This type of lift is ideal where shaft conditions are complex or where the available space is unusually limited, a common problem in conversion projects and jobs involving listed buildings.

Drum drive lifts do not require a counterweight, thereby freeing up available shaft space and allowing larger lift cars to be installed, especially useful where space is at a premium.

IMEM Lifts’ drum drive lifts offer:

● Rated load capacities: from 180 up to 480Kg

● Entrance configurations: single, open adjacent at 90º, open through at 180º or triple.

● Standard pit and headroom dimensions: 1050mm and 3800mm, respectively. In accordance with EN 81-21, we can achieve reduced pit depth of 350mm or reduced headroom of 2900mm

● Maximum travel distance: 30 metres (98.425ft)

● Entirely compatible with our standard range of lift car models, as well as with our glazed cars and custom-built cars

● Available with hinged lift car and landing doors (minimum width: 500mm) and with automatic doors (minimum width: 600mm).

IMEM Lifts is a long-established lift design and manufacturing company with ample experience of drum drive lifts . If you require more information about drum drive lifts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: we would be delighted to help.


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