Worried about the lift size?

When property owners, consultants or lift installation companies are considering the fitting of a new lift in an existing building, doubts often arise about what lift size would be possible and what size would be best suited to the job.

  • What lift size do I need to carry 6 passengers? And what about for eight passengers?
  • Is there enough space to actually install the lift system?

Lack of space is one of the commonest problems nowadays when it comes to fitting a new lift system or a replacement lift. Many buildings were not designed to include lift transport in their interior, and simply do not have the necessary space available. Sometimes there is space available, but of extremely restricted dimensions, hard to access or presenting particularly difficult installation problems – complex lift shaft configurations, awkward beam and wall placements, suspended pits and so on.

MRL Silens-Pro Compact®: a great lift for restricted shaft spaces

The Silens-Pro Compact® is the ideal solution for existing buildings with limited space available for
lift installation. The Silens-Pro Compact® is available in a wide range of load capacities – from 400Kg (4 passengers) to 630Kg (8 passengers) – and is perfectly suited to handling traffic conditions in the vast majority of existing buildings.

The Silens-Pro Compact® is a lift system which can easily be adapted to shafts of reduced dimensions. Required shaft width can be cut to as little as car width + 450mm.

The Silens-Pro Compact® can also be installed in spaces with very limited available pit depth (350mm minimum, in full compliance with the EN 81-21 standard) and headroom clearance space (a minimum of 2650mm in accordance with EN 81-21, with a car height of 2000mm and a landing door height of 1800mm).

All the advantages of a state-of-the-art MRL gearless lift comfortably fitted into a highly compact product.

Do you need an even smaller lift?

Does your project require a made-to-measure solution? Is the space available at an absolute minimum? Just get in touch with us: we are specialists in the manufacture of lifts designed and built to suit existing lift shafts of extremely reduced dimensions.

What lift size is required to carry more than 8 passengers?

If you are looking for a lift solution to deal effectively with passenger loads of over 8, we manufacture lifts with load capacities of up to 30 tonnes. Present us with your job requirements and we will help you to define exactly the lift you need.