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Are you sure that you fully comply with all the norms & standards applicable when you install or replace a lift?

If you are a lift installation and maintenance company, a consultant or an architect looking to consult with professionals about:

  • the norms and standards applicable to new/replacement lifts in existing buildings,
  • the adaptation of existing lifts for use by people with disabilities or handicaps,
  • the equipping of lifts to be resistant to fire, to vandalism or to other hazards,
  • the elevator solutions best-suited to your particular project, complying with or even surpassing the applicable norms and standards,

then IMEM Lifts is here to help: we are acknowledged specialists in the design and production of lifts compliant with local, national and international standards and lift regulations. These include:

  • Installation of lifts in existing buildings: EN 81-21:2009
  • Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability:EN 81-70:2003
  • Firefighters lifts: EN 81-72:2003
  • Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire: EN 81-73:2005
  • Vandal-resistant lifts: EN 81-71, categories 1 & 2.

20 years improving accessibility for people with reduced mobility

  • On request, our entire range of lift systems can be supplied fully compliant with the DDA and all applicable British Standards.
  • We can supply lifts to transport one wheelchair occupant alone or accompanied by one or more companions, or with room to turn the wheelchair in the car.
  • We provide all the audiovisual aids required to ensure that disabled people can travel in the lift with complete safety.

Designing & building safe lift solutions

  • We can adapt our lifts to suit where space is very limited, for complicated or unusual shaft layouts.
  • We design and build our lifts to resolve the limitations and difficulties encountered in existing or historic buildings, in full compliance with British safety lift regulations.

…of the highest quality

  • Our lifts can surpass the standards of safety, resistance, speed and energy-efficiency demanded by the British regulations applicable.
  • We manufacture elevators capable of safe and effective operation year in and year out without breakdown under conditions even more demanding than those envisaged in the norms and standards.

Why choose IMEM Lifts?

We anticipate & resolve all possible incompatibilities.

Our thorough knowledge of the norms and regulations applicable in the UK lift sector enable us to design and manufacture the lift system appropriate to each particular lift project. We can anticipate any difficulties resulting from incompatibilities with the UK standards in force, and often introduce new solutions and improvements which go well beyond what is laid down in UK lift regulations.

We design lift models fine-tuned to customer requirements.

Apart from our standard range of pre-designed high-added-value elevator systems, our experienced team of design engineers can design special lift solutions which more than satisfy the particular needs and requirements of our customers.

Our customers are our best recommendation.

Our customers include lift companies of all sizes, consultants, architects and engineers from many different parts of the world. We can provide a comprehensive analysis and consultation service for our customer"s specific lift scheme, compliant with all the norms and standards applicable in the UK.

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