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Does your project require lifts with very high or very specific technical specifications?

Architects, consultants, engineers and lift installation companies often need to make important technical/functional decisions on elevator systems:

  • to ensure that lifts are correctly adapted for use by people with disabilities or to other norms and standards
  • to install a lift adapted to the smaller than usual space available
  • to modernise a building with the installation of a lift system with particular requirements – mechanical, electrical or finished style
  • to incorporate a specific technical innovation into a lift system.

At IMEM Lifts we can take on the design and manufacture of the lift system best adapted to your particular technical and functional requirements.

Electric lifts

  • We offer a wide range of MRL (machine-roomless) gearless lifts with load capacities of from 300 to 4000Kg and rated speeds of up to 1.6 metres/second, either as standard models or we can design and manufacture made-to-measure lift systems to the specifications and equipment/finish options defined by you the customer.
  • We also manufacture electric lifts with a machine room, very competitively priced, to replace outdated elevator systems.

Hydraulic lifts

  • We manufacture hydraulic elevators with load capacities of up to 30 tonnes, with a wide range of finishes, sizes and features available.
  • We also design and manufacture machine-roomless hydraulic lifts of up to 1250Kg load capacity, particularly competitive for buildings of average height.

Special lifts

  • We provide made-to-measure lifts for existing buildings or for very reduced spaces, which comply with all applicable safety regulations: fire-resistant, vandal-resistant and very hard-wearing.
  • We produce lifts designed for use by persons with reduced mobility, adaptable to the particular dimensions of the building concerned.
  • We offer advice and consultation to achieve the best available vertical transport solution, from home lifts to inclined lifts, according to site requirements.

Why choose IMEM Lifts?

Decades of practical experience in innovative & reliable lift design

In our almost fifty years of operation, we have introduced onto the world market a whole host of innovative and competitive lift solutions of our own design, including electric lifts with and without a machine room, hydraulic lifts, home lifts, heavy goods lifts and much more.

Our lift production plants are equipped with the latest technology

Our plant specialising in the manufacture of mechanical lift systems and components is one of the most modern in Europe. Our sheet metal processing and storage production line is fully automated. Our plant dedicated to the production of electrical components manufactures our control systems, operating panels, displays, indicators and other essential lift parts.

Optimum flexibility in lift manufacture

We design our own lift solutions, including high-speed lifts, lifts of all sizes, inclined lifts, made-to-measure lifts where shaft space is limited or complicated or to replace existing lifts, heavy goods lifts, firefighters lifts and lifts equipped to resist vandalism and other hazards. Our capacity to design practical and effective technical solutions is satisfied only when it meets every single one of our customers" needs and requirements.

Top-quality lift manufacture & attention to detail

Every single lift which leaves our factory is a top-quality product – which is why IMEM Lifts is the elevator manufacturer with the greatest number of internationally-awarded official certifications and acknowledgements regarding quality, reliability and durability.

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