A glass lift – 6500kg, mrl gearless – which travels down into the sea itself

One of IMEM Lift's most recent and exciting challenges is the design of a series of highly specialised lifts which we will be manufacturing and installing in the latest avant-garde project by the internationally-renowned architect Renzo Piano: the arts centre commissioned by the Marcelino Botín Foundation in the city of Santander, in northern Spain.

5000Kg car lift in Glasgow

IMEM Lifts designed and produced a bespoke car lift solution for installation in Glasgow, Scotland. In close collaboration with the customer, IMEM Lifts designed a fully bespoke vehicle lift

Goods only lift

The BOXlift© is a freestanding goods lift, specially designed for goods-only commercial and industrial use, and offers innovative and ground-breaking advantages over traditional goods lifts.

Looking for a quality goods lift or goods passenger lift?

We produce industrial lifts and pallet lift systems in a great variety of speeds, sizes and capacities. We also offer a wide range of standard pre-engineered goods elevator solutions. Our heavy goods lifts can be found in all sorts of buildings, from hospitals to warehouses, industrial plants, shopping centres and office buildings all over the world.

Large load capacity lifts for retailers

A recent example is a Northamptonshire-based client who got in touch to ask us to design a new large-capacity machine-roomless lift with a rated load of 2900Kg/38 passengers, especially robust and hard-wearing and incorporating Bolton shutter gates.

Silens Pro Mega. The most robust solution for heavier loads

The Silens-Pro Mega® is a high performance machine-roomless lift specially designed to handle heavy loads, such as in airports, shopping centres, industrial premises and hotels.