The Silens Pro Revolution® is a machine-roomless lift, with gearless permanent magnet traction which integrates the most sophisticated technologies available to ensure maximum safety, ride comfort, energy efficiency and the effective management of passenger traffic.

  • Varispeed. Increases nominal speed up to 1.2m/s based on car load without increasing nominal consumption.
  • SIRES. A new concept based on a PESSRAL device with 1mm precise shaft positioning and electronic overspeed governor.
  • Lift cars, car operating panels and signals with avant-garde design.
  • DTF technology. Increased comfort with reduced waiting times.
  • Smartech car and landing displays. Real-time information for passengers.
  • Electrical safety gear. Very short reaction time of the magnet release system ensures highest safety (low tripping speed).
  • Eco-friendly. VDI 4707 A rated including as standard.
  • Fast & straightforward installation. The Silens Pro Revolution® can be installed in under 100 hours.
  • Plug and Play 2.0. Reduced installation time based on unique new features.
  • IMEM App. Wireless interface thanks to the new state-of-the-art App.
  • Load: 450-630Kg
  • Rated Speed: 1m/s-1,2m/s
  • Openings: Simple
  • Double access 0º-180º
  • Control panel: Altamira II.
  • Lift cars: 200 Revolution, 300 Revolution.
  • Car and landing doors: 800-900mm
  • Maximum travel: 60m