Scenic lifts in Viroflay train station, greater Paris region

IMEM Lifts was the company responsible for designing, manufacturing and installing the lifts in what is considered one of the most pioneering train stations in the entire Parisian rail network.

Viroflay tram station is part of a French transportation network node which gives passengers access to the region around Viroflay (Yvelines, Ile-de-France). It is a modern and truly cutting-edge station: one of the finest examples of urban architecture in Paris.When it came to the design, manufacture and installation of the six lifts planned for this station, Paris Métro once again placed its trust in IMEM Lifts, which took on this new challenge with the objective of providing a vertical transportation solution to meet the project’s exacting passenger, aesthetic and functional requirements.

As official supplier of lifts to RATP for 25 years (the transit authority that manages the Paris Métro and the entire intercity transport network that surrounds the capital, as well as other large transportation networks in France and worldwide), IMEM Lifts has developed extensive experience in the design and manufacture of lifts for projects involving newly-built stations such as this project, and for the renovation of existing stations.

After analysing the client’s specifications, IMEM proposed installing six Silens Pro machine roomless lifts (MRL), each with a load-bearing capacity of 1,000 Kg (13 people) and a speed of 1 m/s.  This type of MRL lift with permanent magnet gearless traction is known for its ride comfort, high-level specifications, excellent energy efficiency, durability and superior performance in facilities with a large volume of passenger traffic.

The lifts were installed inside glass structures and equipped with cars that are also finished with glass panels, giving passengers the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of the large, modern platforms, and of the outside world when the lifts reach the surface.  A glass design was also chosen for the car and floor doors, with frames in a stainless-steel finish.

IMEM is currently one of the Paris Métro’s largest suppliers of vertical transportation solutions, its lifts operating in a significant proportion of the most important stations (both new and existing terminals) in the suburban and commuter rail network.