Scenic lift cars

Every one of our panoramic lift cars is designed to enhance the style and beauty of the building it serves. With their clean and graceful beauty, achieved with materials of the highest quality, our panoramic cars are strikingly impressive, a well- executed combination of elegance and precision engineering.

We manufacture every single panoramic car to order, and tailor it carefully to the tastes and preferences of each customer and the particular project in hand.

· We build panoramic cars for both indoor and outdoor use.

· Available in all imaginable formats: rectangular, polygonal, semicircular, circular or specially designed to suit the style and needs of each particular project.

· The cars can be completely glazed in Stadip 6+6 safety glass or selectively glazed with the glass framed in stainless steel.

· Limitless design possibilities: there is a wide range of materials available – stainless steel in different colours and textured finishes to match the glazing.

· The car flooring can be in marble, granite or in any other material the customer chooses.

· The cars can be fitted with domes in stainless steel and a range of different textures and formats as required to best suit the project.

· There is a wide choice of different designs for car and landing operating panels, push-buttons, displays and direction of travel arrows.

· Options to personalise the lift cars with a wide range of optional extras.

· Glazed self-supporting structures are available for both indoor and outdoor use.