IMEM’s integrated design and manufacturing process creates the widest range of lift systems imaginable. Our passenger, goods passenger and goods lifts are specially designed to suit every particular project, whether new-build or conversion:

  • We offer a comprehensive range of standardised lifts – top quality pre-designed solutions, fully compliant with current European and international standards and regulations, and capable of resolving all vertical transport requirements in whatever context, from private residences to offices, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial plants and so on.
  • In addition, IMEM enjoys an excellent and growing reputation for the design and manufacture of lifts custom-built to suit special conditions. Here, we help our customers to accurately define the particular lift system which they require and we then manufacture it to their exact specifications. Among our most popular products are special firefighting lifts, super-sized lifts, vandal-resistant lifts, corrosion-resistant lifts, inclined lifts, heavy-duty goods lifts and special communication and traffic management systems.

IMEM can manufacture any type of lift system imaginable – the possibilities are limitless. Our engineering experience and skills combine with the exceptional flexibility of our manufacturing process to enable us to deliver cost-effective and competitive solutions for vertical transport projects of all kinds.

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