A perfect fit for lift professionals

The IMEM complete lift
· Fast delivery times starting from only four weeks.
· IMEM Lifts’ high quality and reliability.
· In-house design and manufacture.
· Top brands components.
· Superb technical support.
IMEM lift systems are in operation all over the world
Our lift systems are fully adaptable, on customer request,
for compliance with any particular standard or regulation.


Our ample hands-on experience of lift design, manufacture, installation and maintenance means that we well understand the practical needs of lift professionals.

  • Easy installation. Our lift systems are specifically designed to make the installation process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible. We know how important it is to keep installation costs down and so have minimised the labour-time required as much as practicable. We have reduced the weight of components without affecting their durability, so as to make them easier to transport and to handle during installation. We also offer assembly tools specifically for use with our products (check availability).
  • Top quality products. Our lift systems have a well-deserved reputation for their reliability and durability, the result of a carefully supervised production process oriented towards creating lifts which are built to last.
  • Simplification. All electrical components are tested and their connectors pre-assembled before leaving the plant, which saves our customers’ time, eliminates faults and simplifies installation.
  • Proven results. An IMEM lift is guaranteed reliable and long-lasting. Thousands of IMEM systems are still in perfect operation after more than 25 years in service.
  • Spare parts available & rapidly delivered. When a customer needs any of our spare parts, we respond fast and efficiently.
  • Quality beyond the lift system. The top quality of our lift systems extends to all the material and services provided. We supply highly-detailed technical drawings, documentation and manuals in English, carefully designed to make our clients’ work more straightforward.
  • Comprehensive technical support. Always think of the customer – that’s our philosophy. Our advice and support is available to our clients well before any sale, should they so require. Our technical support is comprehensive: both electrical and mechanical. Our engineers are at our customers’ disposal to guide them through the installation and maintenance procedures, from start to finish.