Personalise the style of your lift

Personalise the style of
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Personalise the style of your lift

Architects and lift installation companies often need to make important decisions on the style and design of elevator systems:

  • To find lifts which suit the architectural design of the building in question.
  • To fit panoramic and glazed lifts which comply with all applicable safety standards.
  • To incorporate specific decorative features and components in the lift system, such as cars with ceilings, walls and flooring of special high-quality materials.
  • To install special lifts, such as exterior or circular-plan lifts or lifts with automatic doors of reduced dimensions or special configurations.

At IMEM Lifts we can manufacture lifts in the most avant-garde and innovative styles our customers require.

Panoramic Lifts

  • Designed to further embellish already impressive and striking architecture, our panoramic lifts are beautifully shaped and built in top-quality materials, combining natural elegance with precision engineering, and are generally installed in high-prestige buildings.
  • We offer a wide range of attractive looks, curved or rectangular, vaulted or domed, hexagonal or octagonal, to suit customer choice. The many detailing component options on our panoramic cars help to produce the effect required, from calm sophistication to daring innovation.

What makes IMEM Lifts your best possible partner in a lift project?

Maximum flexibility & experience in lift design & manufacture

Consultation, collaboration and professional advice right from the start of the project analysis phase are key hallmarks of our method of work, guaranteeing the end result: the manufacture of exclusive and attractive lifts, perfectly tailored to the site and job in hand.

Our lift production & assembly lines manufacture state-of-the-art lifts

For the lift cars, we can offer glazed wall panels framed in natural stainless steel, flooring finishes in everything from high-resistance rubber to natural marbles and granites, or handrails in stainless steel. Non-standard customer design choices are a welcome opportunity for us to produce a genuinely unique product.

Top-quality lift manufacture & attention to detail

Every single lift which leaves our factory is a top-quality product – which is why IMEM Lifts is the elevator manufacturer with the greatest number of internationally-awarded official certifications and acknowledgements regarding quality, reliability and durability.

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