Lifts for shopping centres

Lifts in larger-scale commercial sites can be electric MRL (machine-roomless) lifts or hydraulic lifts, depending on the particular needs and conditions of each project. An important distinction to be made is between lifts to be used for both goods and passengers and goods-only lifts. In both cases, the high levels of traffic require robust and hard-wearing equipment, designed and built to last.

We can also provide a full range of escalators which are always an interesting option for managing high levels of people traffic.

We accumulate a huge experience with projects involving the design and production of lifts for new or existing public buildings. Our engineering department always undertakes exhaustive study of each individual project so as to provide our clients with an accurate solution, fit for purpose.

For more information of lifts for shopping centres, please simply get in touch with us. We are always delighted to help.

Why choose IMEM Lifts?

Almost five decades of hands-on manufacturing experience

All the products we design are produced entirely in-house in our own factories – ever since 1968. We currently have two manufacturing plants in operation in Santander, in the north of Spain.

Our lift production plants are equipped with the latest technology

Our plant specialising in the manufacture of mechanical lift systems and components is one of the most modern in Europe. Our automated sheet metal processing and storage production line combines state-of-the-art laser-cutting technology with traditional punch dies. Our epoxy painting production line ensures that each component is painted electrostatically, resulting in a strictly uniform and high-quality finish. Our plant dedicated to the production of electrical components manufactures our control systems, operating panels, displays, indicators and other parts on a manual production line.

Optimum flexibility in lift manufacture

At IMEM Lifts we take good care to avoid the over-standardisation of elevator systems and components. We employ a wide variety of material thicknesses, with varied options available in the cutting and shaping of sheet materials with a view to processing each part in the way best suited to its thickness and particular characteristics. This enables us to effectively optimise production time and energy costs.

Top-quality lift manufacture

Every lift which leaves our factory is a top-quality product – and this is clearly reflected in the fact that IMEM Lifts is the elevator manufacturer with the greatest number of internationally-awarded certifications and acknowledgements relating to quality, reliability and durability. Every single externally-sourced component used in the manufacture of our lifts is of a world-recognised brand. Every lift system is delivered with every element well-packaged and clearly labelled, with the corresponding detailed information to make our customers" work as easy and straightforward as possible.

IMEM lifts – manufactured by lift professionals for lift professionals.

Our lifts are designed and manufactured with the needs and requirements of today" s lift businesses firmly in mind. Our elevator production is oriented towards raising the competitivity of our lift industry customers by cutting down assembly and installation time, making maintenance easier and improving the durability, safety and reliability of each and every lift.

The exceptional advantages we offer

  • A Europe-wide leader in the design and manufacture of special lifts, with a design experience, record of achievement and flexibility which very few businesses in our sector can rival.
  • Manufacturers of complete lift systems delivering fully integrated electrical and mechanical solutions.
  • An independent lift company We are not our customers’ competitors, but rather their collaborators. We are nobody’s intermediaries.
  • We are manufacturers with a wealth of installation and maintenance experience outside the UK Unlike lift manufacturers who only manufacture, this hands-on practical experience gives us the inside knowledge required to produce lift systems easy to install and maintain.
  • Our own comprehensive electrical & mechanical technical support so our customers don’t waste time and money bringing in outsiders.