Lift manufacture at the technological cutting edge

If you are:

  • a lift installation company looking for a manufacturer who can design and build the lift you need,
  • a consultant who needs a manufacturer not only to design and build, but also to provide advice and analysis and a made-to-measure solution for your project,
  • or any other kind of professional requiring the manufacture of one or more lifts, then IMEM Lifts is exactly what you are looking for – a totally independent and highly experienced manufacturer of complete lift systems. We are flexible and responsive to customer requirements, our manufacturing plants are well-equipped with the latest technology and we deliver the top-quality products and technical back-up you are looking for.


Producing a lift system requires significant industrial, technological and engineering capacity and know-how. Only a manufacturer with the most up-to-date means of production, technically advanced R&D and top engineering skills is capable of delivering products and services which are demonstrably competitive in a market with such a strong technological component as the lift sector.


IMEM Lifts’ production plant is one of the most modern in the whole of Europe, handling the complete electrical and mechanical manufacture and assembly of lift systems, from the transformation of the basic raw materials right through to delivery of the finished product.

  • The production process begins with the transformation of the raw materials into the various elements which make up the lift system’s mechanical components, such as cars, car frames, counterweights, mounting brackets and so on. In our mechanical production plant, this is carried out by a state-of-the-art automated sheet metal processing production line incorporating automatic intelligent storage. This brand-new facility includes a unit which combines laser-cutting technology with traditional punch/cut machinery, providing us with countless options in cutting, threading and forming metal of a wide range of thicknesses, and significantly expanding our design and manufacturing options.
  • Each component part then passes through a station where it is electrostatically epoxy-painted to a perfectly uniform top-quality finish.
  • Each lift car is individually assembled and then disassembled – to ensure perfect fit and conformity – before being packaged up for shipment.
  • Our plant dedicated to the production of electrical components manufactures our control systems, operating panels, displays, indicators and other components on a manual production line. All material is supplied to our customers pre-wired and pre-tested to ensure maximum simplicity and reliability.
  • The fact that we manufacture both the electrical and mechanical elements of our lift systems guarantees their trouble-free compatibility, a truly comprehensive solution. And our after-sales technical support is comprehensive, and lifelong.



Full product flexibility, enabling each lift to be tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of the customer, is a key advantage which very few other lift manufacturers can match. IMEM Lifts enjoys a well-founded reputation for the design and manufacture of made-to-measure lifts, based on almost fifty years of productive activity and customer satisfaction.