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How do I work out exactly what lift design I need?

If you are a lift company, a consultant or an architect and are looking for straightforward and well-informed advice on the replacement or installation of one or more elevators for a new project,

And if:

  • the lift system you need has to be designed to fit into a building with limited available space
  • the modernisation of the building means that you require elevators with very specific characteristics
  • you want the lift system to be accessible for use by people with disabilities
  • or the lift system you want has to be equipped with the most advanced technology available on the market,

get in touch with us at IMEM Lifts

At IMEM Lifts we understand very well that each new project demands its own particular & appropriate lift design

As consultants, our advice and assistance covers everything from designing the lift your project requires right down to the last detail, to fulfilling all the standards and regulations applicable in your situation and taking care of all the relevant lift engineering issues to ensure the most effective results.

We will help you to study and define exactly what elevator solution is best suited to your particular project, whether it be lifts for residential use, disabled access lifts, lifts of reduced dimensions, lifts for new-builds, lifts to be installed in buildings without an existing lift system or whatever else may be required. There is one right choice for every new project.

Why choose IMEM Lifts?

We are highly experienced

At IMEM Lifts we have designed and manufactured thousands of lift systems of all technological types and specifications and a huge range of different models ever since 1968. This degree of professional experience, from design concept to final production, is rivalled by only a very few other companies across the world.

We offer innovative & tested in-house design

Over these almost fifty years of professional activity, we have introduced into the world market a multitude of innovative and competitive elevator systems of our own design, including electric lifts with and without a machine room, hydraulic lifts, home lifts, heavy goods lifts and more.

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