ServiPartner. Service lift

ServiPartner is a high-performance lift, specifically designed for the vertical transport of foodstuffs, prepared dishes, bottles, glassware and other relatively small loads typical in restaurants, cafeterias, shops and businesses with a rapid turnaround of sales and stock.

  • Available with rated loads of 50 or 100Kg.
  • Top-quality finishes, very hardwearing.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Perfect levelling at every stop guarantees trouble-free loading and unloading.
  • Wide range of car sizes.
  • Optimum use of space.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.
  • Fast and easy installation: assembly, inspection and start-up takes a ServiPartner technician no more than one working day!
  • Flexible: available with a single, double or triple entrance configuration and can be installed with reduced pit depth and headroom clearance.
  • Non-standard sizes available on request.

Straightforward and multipurpose

  • ServiPartner provides a safe, efficient and easy way to transport small loads of any kind, and improves employees’ working conditions by reducing their heavy lifting, thereby saving both time and money.
  • The lift car can be fitted with a maximum of four removable stainless-steel shelves, depending on the unit height required for effective and efficient service.
  • The ServiPartner is entirely built with non-pollutant materials and components, and its operation generates no waste whatsoever.
  • The car, shelves, doors and structure of the ServiPartner are very easy to clean, making it simple to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Compatible with the use of standard food cleaners.
  • The ServiPartner is designed exclusively for the transport of goods and is in full compliance with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.