DDA compliant lifts

The DDA requires reasonable provision to be made for people with disabilities to gain access to and use buildings and their facilities, recommending the provision of lifts in buildings of two storeys or more to ensure inclusive vertical travel for all users. Lifts must meet the requirements of the Act and comply with European and British Standards (EN 81-70, Building Regulations Part M and BS 8300). Our entire range of lift systems can be supplied on request fully compliant with the DDA and British Standards.

As experienced designers, manufacturers and suppliers of complete DDA lift systems with hundreds of projects undertaken in the UK, IMEM Lifts can provide informed advice to our customers on the DDA conformity of their vertical transport solutions and  ensuring all our lifts are suitable for wheelchair users.

Beyond compliance

In addition to guaranteeing compliance with DDA requirements, if requested, IMEM Lifts offers a comprehensive range of features designed to improve accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

These include:

  • Our lifts’ well-known exceptional ride comfort.
  • Our Direct Approach System – supplied as standard with all our MRL lift systems – ensures perfect levelling at every stop, above and beyond that specified by regulation.
  • Audio signals: our lifts can be fitted with voice synthesizers programmed in English or other languages required, such as Welsh.
  • Visual signals and indicators can be adapted to suit particular customer requirements. Lift control and landing call panels can be supplied permanently engraved in a wide range of different languages, as required.
  • Our lift cars are designed to be highly adaptable to specific requirements with a wide choice of indicators, control panels, lighting, emergency lighting, push-buttons and wall finishes. Indicators, for example, are available in different sizes and technologies, push-buttons in a range of models and manufacturers depending on customer needs.
  • Passenger information panels in a range of formats.
  • In-car closed circuit TV passenger safety systems in both public and private installations.
  • Priority call options available for people with disabilities included wheelchair users.

If you have any doubts or questions about your lifts’ DDA compliance, we will be more than happy to assist you.