Passenger Lift

Heavy duty lifts

HEAVY DUTY LIFTS. We master the production of heavy duty lifts in a great variety of sizes and speeds. The lift range we offer is suitable for industrial sites dedicated to manufacturing and/or assembly or whatever other facilities involving the transport of freight. Our large capacity lifts are much in demand, and are designed for the transportation of heavy goods up to several tons in weight, with or without accompanying personnel and are very robust and hard-wearing. These lifts are highly adaptable to specific environments and functions, and can be supplied corrosion resistant, specially reinforced and so on, as required. We offer: Electric or hydraulic lifts, with or without machine room. A notably wide range of rated load capacities and lift sizes. Robust and resistant lift cars for heavy goods handling. An ample choice of optional equipment to further improve lift’ strength and durability: shock-resistant perimeter protection, rubber or chequered-plate flooring… Sturdy and hardwearing manual concertina shutters & picket gates. And much more... For more information of heavy duty lifts, please simply get in touch with us. We are always delighted to help.

Lifts for existing and listed buildings

Over decades, we have designed and produced thousands of non-standard lifts for all kind of jobs and conditions. Manufacturing lifts for existing buildings to fit shaft spaces which are irregular or complex is one of our specialties. Many customers entrust us with the design and manufacture of lifts for listed buildings. We are used to work in complex projects and emblematic buildings in which we are expected to provide the best results with minimum impact in the architectural environment. We offer a wide range of solutions for adapting our lifts to shaft spaces with reduced shallow headroom, pit or unusual dimensions following the EN81-21 regulation.

Inclined lifts

Inclined lifts make an interesting alternative to traditional escalators, which cannot be used by people with limited mobility. Inclined lifts are also the best solution for those areas with very pronounced slopes where isolated homes must be properly communicated.

Drum drive lifts

Among the lift solutions which we often provide, for sites where there is a pre-existing lift shaft, are lifts with a drum drive system. This type of lift is ideal where shaft conditions are complex or where the available space is unusually limited, a common problem in conversion projects and jobs involving listed buildings. Drum drive lifts do not require a counterweight, thereby freeing up available shaft space and allowing larger lift cars to be installed, especially useful where space is at a premium. IMEM Lifts' drum drive lifts offer: ● Rated load capacities: from 180 up to 480Kg ● Entrance configurations: single, open adjacent at 90º, open through at 180º or triple. ● Standard pit and headroom dimensions: 1050mm and 3800mm, respectively. In accordance with EN 81-21, we can achieve reduced pit depth of 350mm or reduced headroom of 2900mm ● Maximum travel distance: 30 metres (98.425ft) ● Entirely compatible with our standard range of lift car models, as well as with our glazed cars and custom-built cars ● Available with hinged lift car and landing doors (minimum width: 500mm) and with automatic doors (minimum width: 600mm). IMEM Lifts is a long-established lift design and manufacturing company with ample experience of drum drive lifts . If you require more information about drum drive lifts, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: we would be delighted to help.

Silens Pro Top. The solution for buildings with normal traffic

The MRL Silens-Pro Top® passenger lift is a state-of-the art machine-roomless lift, designed and built to resolve all types of vertical transport requirements art in residential settings, whether in new-builds or in conversions.