Norms & standards

Lifts for reduced dimensions. EN81-21 regulation

We offer a wide range of solutions for adapting our lifts to shaft spaces with reduced shallow headroom, pit or unusual dimensions following the EN81-21 regulation. One of our best selling products is the MRL gearless lift for reduced dimensions: The Silens-Pro Compact®. The Silens-Pro Compact® is the ideal solution for existing buildings with limited space available for lift installation. This product is available in a wide range of load capacities and is perfectly suited to handling traffic conditions in the vast majority of existing buildings. It can also be installed in spaces with very limited available pit depth (350mm minimum, in full compliance with the EN 81-21 standard) and headroom clearance space (a minimum of 2650mm in accordance with EN 81-21). All the advantages of a state-of-the-art MRL gearless lift comfortably fitted into a highly compact product. We can also provide solutions designed to suit the particular project in hand: hydraulic, electric with a machine room sited above, below or on the side of the shaft, drum driven systems, whatever is the most appropriate.

EN81-72 Firefighter lifts

Many buildings and environments require our lifts to be provided with additional protection controls and signals. We ensure the protection and equipment against water and follow the regulation to ease the rescue from inside or outside the lift car in case of fire: emergency trapdoors, accessible ladders, priority recall for the firefighter lift and use of the lift under firefighters control.

EN81-71 lift standard. Vandal Resistant Lifts

The growing demand of resistant lifts in unguarded public areas against acts of vandalism has leaded us to follow the EN81-71 lift regulation, which defines the testing methodology and the classification of lifts in terms of vandal resistance

BREEAM: energy-saving lifts

BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world leader and standard-setter in the evaluation and certification of sustainable building design, and is the technically most advanced method of assessment available.

DDA compliant lifts

The DDA requires reasonable provision to be made for people with disabilities to gain access to and use buildings and their facilities. As experienced designers, manufacturers and suppliers of complete DDA lift systems with hundreds of projects undertaken in the UK