Easy availability of spare parts & components

Easy availability of spare parts & components As manufacturers of entire lift systems for over fifty years, we can supply spare parts and components for all our products, whatever the model or production date.


New brochure for The MRL Silens Pro® lift range Click to Download Our new brochure includes the full range of MRL Silens Pro® lift solutions which covers a range of loads from 300 kg to 4000 kg with speeds of 1 and 1.6 m per sec. This ensures that whatever the need and type of building (residential, hotel, hospital, shopping centre, office, etc.) there is always a Silens Pro® lift capable of providing the ideal solution. Silens Pro Top®. The solution for buildings with normal traffic. Silens Pro Compact®. The solution for restricted spaces Silens Pro Vanguard®. The solution for medium to high traffic buildings Silens Pro Mega®. The most robust solution for heavier loads. Our MRL MRL Silens Pro® range meets the new standards EN81-20 and EN81-50 as well as the most demanding European and international standards.

Imem Lifts at Interlift 2017

Interlift 2017, the world’s most important trade fair for lifts and lift technology, has just taken place in the German city of Augsburg, finally shutting up shop on the 20th of October. Held every two years, this is where new products and breakthroughs in the sector are showcased to a strikingly international audience.

Spain’s new centro botin art centre designed by renzo piano opens

Spain’s new Centro Botin art centre designed by Renzo Piano opens   Designed by architect Renzo Piano, the new building’s lifts have been fully designed, manufactured and installed by IMEM Lifts Spain's most important private cultural foundation opened its doors in Santander on Friday 23 June with a solemn ceremony attended, among many other personalities, by the Spanish Royals . The Centro Botín, an arts centre designed by Pritzker Prize-winner architect Renzo Piano located in the Bay of Santander (Spain). The brand new building by Piano uses a broader urban intervention to integrate the city centre and the historic Pereda Gardens with the Bay. Covered in thousands of light-diffusing ceramic tiles, the building has a total built-up area spanning 8,739 m², which is made up of two blocks, connected by a structure of squares and the walkways known as – “the pachinko”. The west block is dedicated to art, with two exhibition rooms measuring a total of 2,500 m2; and the east block is for cultural and educational activities, boasting an auditorium for 300 people, classrooms, work spaces, and a rooftop terrace to enjoy the breathtaking views of Santander and its Bay. To preserve views of the waterfront, Piano has raised the building on four-metre pillars level with the tree trunks in the surrounding Pereda Gardens. By re-routing a main road through an underground tunnel, the project has doubled the green space to almost ten acres. IMEM Lifts was the company in charge of the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the lifts installed in the new Botin Centre. The main lift, whose fundamental task will be to transport passengers and artworks, is installed close to the new building’s main entrance. It is a machine-roomless lift with a 6500Kg/86-passenger load capacity, which will serve four floors with a travel distance of 20.3 metres at a speed of 1 metre/second. The glass lift car has a height of 5 metres and the car and landing doors are of stainless steel and centre-opening with four panels of 3600x4000mm (width x height). Given their unusual size, both the car and the car doors are fully bespoke. Other component parts of the doors and door entrances, such as the stainless steel door sills, were also specially manufactured for the project. "It was the first time we built a lift with a cabin of such a height" - acknowledges IMEM Lifts General Director Antonio Pérez - "but I would venture to think that there is no other similar lift car in Europe." The unusual and striking proportions of the lift were not, however, the biggest technological challenge that IMEM Lifts had to take to give life to the lifts that Renzo Piano's studio demanded for his project. "Our main competitor for this project, a well-known elevation multinational, presented a solution that involved the construction of a machine room for the lift, which meant a considerable sacrifice of space" - says IMEM Lifts Marketing Director. "We decided take more risks, introducing a design without machine room, which is almost uncommon of in such large lifts" - he adds. The other lift systems installed in the building include a machine-roomless lift, capable of carrying loads of up to 2000Kg at a speed of 1 metre/second and two dumb waiters fitted to serve the centre’s restaurant-created by two-Michelin star chef Jesús Sánchez.

EN81-20/50 standards. What else?

From 1 September 2017, all new lifts that are installed must to be designed to suit the requirements of the new harmonised standards EN81-20 and EN81-50.