Lift structures

Lift structures. We offer a full range of lift structures that can be fully adapted to your individual requirements as an alternative to blockwork lift shaft construction, concrete lift shaft construction, or other typical lift shaft construction methods.

Direct Approach System. The smoothest finely-tuned ride

The Direct Approach System optimises travel comfort by selecting the acceleration and deceleration timings most appropriate to the lift car’s speed and location. Less waiting time for the passenger The Direct Approach System - for the first time included as standard across the entire Silens-Pro® range - allows the control unit to calculate the optimum lift travel speed curve according to the distance remaining to the selected destination. This eliminates the delays typical of previous systems as the lift car approaches landings, and represents a major step forward in passenger comfort and technological excellence. More straightforward for the lift professional The control unit can pinpoint the exact position of the lift car in real time, using a single encoder fitted to the drive system. Maximum simplicity delivering optimum performance. This straightforward solution eliminates the need for the secondary devices usually deployed, saving on installation and start-up times. The number of sensors and signal processors in the lift shaft is therefore lower than in conventional lift systems, further reducing installation time - and costs. The likelihood of failures caused by magnetic sensor deterioration and positioning change producing false readings is also significantly reduced. The start-up procedure is faster than for conventional lift systems without the Direct Approach System. Final lift car-levelling adjustments are simply carried out using the car display panel. Short travel distances between floors do not interfere with ride quality and efficiency.