BREEAM: energy-saving lifts

When the time comes to design and develop a project involving the installation or replacement of one or more lifts, it is vitally important to:

  • identify the lift type best suited to the building’s traffic flow characteristics and with the lowest possible energy impact
  • work with lift systems which actual improve the building’s sustainability
  • install lifts which do not contaminate and do not generate noise and acoustic discomfort
  • find a manufacturer who provides the best possible advice and technical support.

BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world leader and standard-setter in the evaluation and certification of sustainable building design, and is the technically most advanced method of assessment available. BREEAM provides a set of highly advanced tools and procedures designed to measure and evaluate the levels of sustainability of a building, from the design stage through construction and installation to maintenance operations, taking full account of the particular characteristics of each principal building type – residential, retail, office, industrial, healthcare, education and so on.

BREEAM results in the certification of a building in accordance with its measured sustainability level and serves both as a recognised international reference point and as a robust technical standard and guide for the construction of low environmental impact buildings. BREEAM certification is based on a straightforward scoring system covering a range of categories and measuring the degree of achievement of the requirements in each by the building under assessment.

The lifts manufactured by IMEM fulfil all the criteria established in BREEAM.

  • We carry out lift traffic analyses to establish the optimum number of lifts required, as well as their size, speed and capacity, to guarantee that the lift system on each project is designed to handle the passenger traffic effectively.
  • Before the final decision is taken on the lift system and characteristics required, we can provide exact calculations of the energy expenditure of each possible solution, and so recommend to our customer the most energy-efficient.
  • When a lift car is without any passengers, it can be programmed to go into stand-by mode, where the car lighting is automatically switched off to save energy.
  • Our up-to-the-minute permanent-magnet gearless drive units consume significantly less energy than conventional motors.
  • Our EcoSaver® regenerative drive system is not only an energy-saver in itself, but also actively generates electricity which is fed back into the building’s electricity supply network.
  • Our lift cars are lit with LED spots which are more energy-efficient than halogen or fluorescent lighting, and last much longer.

If you have any doubts or questions about your lifts’ BREEAM compliance, we will be more than happy to assist you.