Custom finished lift cars – The 350 Series


The 350 series offers the chance of ordering a completely unique and made-to-measure lift car. Customised according to the customer’s tastes, tailored to suit the design style of the particular building, personalised with the company logo or emblem… the 350 series offers all this and a whole lot more. The 350 series offers

  • A completely unique lift car: whether you choose one of our own silkscreened panel designs or order an entirely personalised design, the 350 series lift car will leave nobody indifferent. Travelling in the car and looking at the view outside, the skyline of a big city or your corporate emblem, will give your building its own unrepeatable character.
Endless customisation options due to our printing technology on whatever material of your choice
  • Guaranteed durability: the 350 series is manufactured using high-density chipboard screwed to galvanised steel sheeting and finished with high-pressure laminates in the chosen colour. The car walls are fixed to the base and ceiling structures with M6 bolts. The result is an unbeatably sturdy lift car. In lift systems with a car travel velocity of 1.6 metres/sec or more, the 350 model car is equipped with additional reinforcement.
  • Options to personalise the lift cars with special finishes on customer demand and a wide range of equipment available as optional extras.
  • Rated loads available from 300 to 1275Kg.
  • Simplicity: the lift car is supplied with the lighting and operating panel pre-wired. Unit assembly is easy and quick, and each is delivered with all the detailed information and documentation required.
  • Added value: every single lift car in the 350 series is completely assembled and then unassembled in our factory before on-site delivery, to ensure a perfect finish and trouble-free assembly.
  • Cars suitable for lift systems compliant with the 95/16/EC Directive. Compliance with the EN 81-70 and EN 81-72 standards, among others, available on request.

Car construction

  • The 350 series lift cars are built with galvanised steel sheeting finished in high-pressure laminates available in a wide range of colours or in stainless steel with a choice of textures. and with the rear wall finished with a silkscreen-printed panel to a design of the customer’s choice and protected by a layer of glass sheeting.
  • The car lighting can be direct using LED spots or light panels, or indirect using fluorescent lights with a range of different suspended ceiling panels available. The cars can be supplied without lighting fittings, should customers want to have them fitted themselves.
  • The car doors are supplied with a stainless steel finish in a choice of textures, and the car fronts can also be finished in stainless steel, in a range of textures, as required.
  • The upper and lower skirtings are supplied with a stainless steel finish in different textures.
  • The car flooring can be finished in hardwearing rubber, in granites of various different shades, in marble and in other resistant materials such as aluminium, stainless steel or reinforced vinyl. Or it can be supplied ready to be finished according to each customer’s particular requirements.
  • The handrails are supplied with a stainless steel finish, in a range of different configurations, according to customer choice.
  • The mirror can be supplied to fill one-third, one-half or the entire width of the car’s rear wall, or we can supply the car without a mirror.