Heavy duty lift cars – The 220 Series


The 220 series offers

  • Excellent performance in the transport of heavy loads: the 220 series has been designed to respond effectively to all the vertical transport needs of buildings with high volumes of traffic.
  • Proven durability and resistance: the 220 series lift cars are sturdily built and reinforced to comfortably deal with intensive work conditions over a long period of time. The construction materials used are of top quality and distinguished by their durability.
  • Additional protective measures: the cars can be reinforced with buffer rails and kick plates for greater durability and with any other materials and components requested by the customer to maximise their effectiveness over time.
  • Options to personalise the lift cars with particular special finishes on customer demand and a wide range of equipment available as optional extras.
  • Rated loads available from 1300 to 4000Kg.
  • Simplicity: the lift car is supplied with the lighting and operating panel pre-wired. Unit assembly is easy and quick, and each is delivered with all the detailed information and documentation required.
  • Cars suitable for lift systems compliant with the 95/16/EC Directive. Compliance with the EN 81-70 and EN 81-72 standards, among others, is available on request.

Car construction

  • The lift cars in the 220 series are built in sheet steel finished with plastic laminates in a wide range of colours or in stainless steel with a choice of different textures.
  • The car lighting is direct using LED spots or fluorescent lights.
  • Ceilings and hatchways are finished in white skinplate or stainless steel.
  • The car doors are supplied with a stainless steel finish in a choice of textures, and the car fronts can also be finished in stainless steel, in a range of textures, as required.
  • The upper and lower skirtings are supplied with a stainless steel finish in different textures.
  • The car flooring can be finished in hardwearing rubber, in granites of various different shades, in marble and in other resistant materials such as aluminium, stainless steel or reinforced vinyl. Or it can be supplied ready to be finished according to each customer’s particular requirements.
  • The handrails are supplied with a stainless steel finish, in a range of different configurations, according to customer choice.
  • The mirror can be supplied to fill one-half of the car’srear wall (maximum dimensions: 1400mm width, 1180mm height) or the entire wall (fitted in two pieces).