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High-tech lifts installed in historic building

The Edificio Castelar – popularly known as the Edificio Vitalicio, after the bank which established its headquarters on the same site in the 19th century – is one of the most stately and emblematic buildings in the city of Santander, on the north coast of Spain.

Triplex mrl lift solution in london’s west end landmark building

A prestigious office building, constructed in the sixties and located in West End London, required a refurbishment which was to include triplex control lifts, one of them being an adjacent entrance fire fighting lift.

142 Person-capacity lift for landmark building in central london

It is a spectacular hydraulic lift system, which will be used to carry both goods and passengers, and is designed to carry loads of up to 10,500 Kg, or up to 142 passengers.


Options to install an elevator when space is limited

Options to install an elevator when space is limited   In this current day and age there are still many buildings that do not have an elevator . Most are of an age that no consideration for installing an elevator was ever studied by the original architect, for this reason a lack of space can be a real handicap. In many cases this shortage of space leads owners to believe that there is just no physical way of installing an elevator; however, there are various options available: Modifying the existing stairwell: sometimes cutting back part of the existing stairwell to gain space for an elevator shaft may be the most suitable route forward, thus allowing for an elevator that serves each landing. In the building´s courtyard: many existing buildings have an interior courtyard which is usually an ideal alternative for the installation of an elevator. In these scenarios, the elevator can be installed inside its own pre-fabricated elevator structure or within a purpose built elevator shaft to suit the individual requirements of each group of homeowners. Building facade: installing an elevator or elevators to the exterior facade of a building is another interesting alternative. As with the previous scenario, the elevator could be installed inside its own pre-fabricated elevator structure or within a purpose built elevator shaft. Local planning permission should be requested prior to commencing these works. Other alternatives: There are also scenarios where building owners are willing (or required) to give up space to make room for a new elevator installation. Re-designing the layout of a building can bring widespread solutions for a new elevator however extensive building works would be required. At IMEM Lifts we have a proven track record in the design and manufacture of elevators  within existing buildings as well as reduced size elevator shafts. We develop and manufacture elevators  in our own production facilities to the exact detail of each existing elevator shaft or overall footprint available: we design our products around the smallest of spaces thanks to our extensive in-house engineering capabilities, allowing us to offer the largest elevator car possible. Our elevators  are always designed to suit the particular project in question be it a hydraulic, MRL, electric traction (with a machine room above, below or on the side of the shaft) or even a drum drive to offer the most rewarding outcome. The end result of our continued dedication are lifting solutions that: Maximise the given space. Intelligently overcome the structural limitations of a building. Fulfil the technical, practical and aesthetical expectations of our clients and their consultants. Cater for the project budget and delivery timeframe.

Scenic Elevators

Scenic Elevators If you are a lift installation company, a consultant, an architects’ or engineering firm looking for an elevator manufacturer able to design and produce top class scenic lifts for your demanding project… At IMEM Lifts we master the design and production of fine bespoke and custom made scenic lifts according to our customers´ tastes and needs. When we design and manufacture panoramic lifts, the sky is the limit: Regardless the traction type of the lift, we can design scenic lifts in a great variety of sizes and speeds. Our scenic lifts can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Our fine bespoke scenic lift cars are available in all imaginable formats: rectangular, polygonal, semicircular, circular or specially designed to suit the style and needs of each particular project. The cars can be completely glazed in Stadip 6+6 safety glass or selectively glazed with the glass framed in stainless steel. We offer limitless design possibilities: there is a wide range of materials available - stainless steel in different colors and textured finishes to match the glazing. We offer glass car and landing doors suitable to provide the lifts with the visual enhancement they demand. Lift doors can be provided with stainless steel frames, fully glazed or made to order including bespoke specifications on demand. The car flooring can be in marble, granite or in any other material the customer chooses. The cars can be fitted with domes in stainless steel and a range of different textures and formats as required to best suit the project. There is a wide choice of different designs for car and landing operating panels, push-buttons, displays and direction of travel arrows. Many options available to personalize the lift cars with a wide range of optional extras. Glazed self-supporting structures are available for both indoor and outdoor use. We accumulate a huge experience with projects involving made to order scenic lifts of all sizes and formats where we are expected to provide superb lift solutions able to fully suit our customer’s needs in terms of aesthetics, delivery times and budget.

Excellence & growth in the goods-only lift sector

Lifts which are dedicated exclusively to the transport of goods now form an increasingly significant part of the overall lift sector and, over the past few years, IMEM Lifts has expanded to become a well-established specialist manufacturer in this field. We now offer some of the finest and most sought-after goods-only lifts available on the market.


A perfect fit for Australian lift professionals

IMEM Lifts is one of Europe’s leading lift manufacturers with a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. We occupy a particularly competitive position in the lift market as we are one of the few fully independent lift companies on the entire continent able to design and build an almost limitless range of lifts and components – including lifts with or without a machine room in a wide range of sizes and configurations, hydraulic lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, lifts made to measure to satisfy a client’s special requirements – and more.

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